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Will Singing Lessons change my Voice?

Change my Voice?

This question is often mentioned as a comment in conversation with someone stating that they don’t want to get singing lessons because they are concerned it will change their sound. Dr Dan addresses the common concern of whether singing lessons will change my voice and clears up the misunderstanding of how singing lessons can affect contemporary vocal styles versus classical instruction.

If you’re worried that taking classical training may change my voice in ways that don’t suit my preferred style, you’re not alone. Dr Dan clarifies that contemporary vocal instruction aims to enhance the sound aesthetic of contemporary genres like rock, pop, and country, resulting in positive changes that improve vocal technique and tone. Watch Dr Dan’s video to gain a deeper understanding of how singing lessons can change my voice for the better and enhance my overall singing skills. So, if you’re looking to improve your vocal technique and sound aesthetic without compromising your style, Dr Dan’s video is a must-watch.


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