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Vocal Cord Hemorrhage | Diagnosis and Care

Vocal Cord Hemorrhage

There are many things that can go wrong with a voice including a Vocal Cord Hemorrhage. Most vocal issues develop over an extended period of time. Nodules, for example, may take months to fully develop. There is one vocal pathology however that can develop in an instant: Vocal Cord Hemorrhage. What is a Vocal Cord Hemorrhage and what can you do if you have received this distressing diagnosis? I’ve got some helpful thoughts coming right up.

I think when most singers think about vocal injuries, nodules immediately come to mind. Nodules, what some people might call nodes, are serious but as I said before they typically develop over an extended period of time. A vocal fold haemorrhage, however, is different.

A Vocal Cord Hemorrhage is the rupture of capillaries either within the lamina propria, that is the middle layer, or the epithelium, the outer layer, causing bruising of the vocal fold. As we observe in this footage, the bleeding impedes normal vocal fold oscillation and if left untreated can lead to significant scarring.


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