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NB: The cost per lesson is AU$185. Select your country (click ‘flag’ above) to estimate the price in your currency.

Learn to sing with an internationally recognised Contemporary Singing Voice Specialist online…all in the comfort of your own home! And, as an added BONUS, every new student who purchases their first online session with Dr Dan will receive a FREE download of his exercise collection, Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials 1 (rrp. AU$24.95)! Learn more about Dr Dan’s private singing lessons here.

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Many singing lessons are built around ‘learning a song’. But Dr Dan works differently. It’s not Dr Dan’s job to teach you songs (you can do that at home on PlayStation or YouTube).

“At Djarts we believe it is our job to teach you how to sing!”

This means building and training your voice from the ‘ground-up’. Dr Dan’s lessons are technically focused and equip your voice to sing a range of songs–not just the ones we sing in lessons. Yes, we do work on style and song interpretation (inc. phrasing & vocal effects); but importantly these are built onto a firm foundation of technical development. Dr Dan’s sessions are not for the faint-hearted. Developing the voice for the rigours of contemporary vocals requires dedication, discipline and a willingness to learn. A highly rewarding journey awaits those who choose to engage in this innovative approach to singing tuition. Calling on more than 10 years of academic research, nearly 20 years of teaching experience and 25 years of professional performance, Dr Dan has designed a learning pathway that is both comprehensive & intuitive.

Learn more about the comprehensive singing lesson pathway offered by Dr Dan and Djarts here.

It is important to note that all lessons are conducted using Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials singing exercises. People wishing to receive lessons with Dr Dan online must also download Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials (digital download) via our online store separately. A free download coupon is provided to every student once their online sessions have been purchased.

AFTER Booking…what happens next?

Once we have received your booking and payment, we will confirm your lesson time via email. If this is your ‘First Consult,’ you will also receive a second email outlining everything you need to know and do when preparing for your first lesson, including details about how to connect via Zoom.

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5 reviews for Dr Dan’s Online Singing Lessons

  1. Olivia Mullins (verified owner)

    I started online lessons with Dr. Dan about a year ago and have loved the results! I was classically trained in college and Dr. Dan has helped me to learn how to approach contemporary singing using the knowledge I already have. I’ve gained so much confidence in my voice and have seen the results in performance and auditions. The lessons are very focused and Dr. Dan’s explanations are well-researched and clear. The online lessons also have the added bonus of being able to record the lessons and look back at them which I love. I highly recommend working with Dr. Dan!!

  2. boughtwithaprice (verified owner)

    My voice lesson with Dr. Dan was on of the best I’ve had. We talked a lot about vocal anatomy, which I appreciated. After just 1 lesson I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my overall tone and a noticeable decrease in the amount of vocal strain I experience.

  3. kodyternes (verified owner)

    I’ve done several lessons with Dr. Dan now and have noticed remarkable advancements in my voice. Since our time together there has been an increase in my vocal range, stamina, and overall health. Dan has also been a critical mentor in the current season of life and that has been well worth the investment. I don’t know many teachers like him. He doesn’t major on a “method” but tailors his teaching to each voice he comes in contact with, as he believes each voice is unique. He does this without compromising the foundational techinques of his current research.

    I can’t emphasize enough the benefits that singers will reap from investing in lessons with Dr. Dan. Invest in your voice for the long haul. Learn to sing properly for the years ahead! Dr. Dan will help you get there!

  4. watkobi (verified owner)

    I came across Dr DAN’s videos on youtube and i instantly knew that i want to contact him. As i thought, i discovered a very kind and professional teacher with an enormous knowledge about the human voice and how to use it right. As a singer with some challenging issues in my vocal cords, i feel Dr Dan’s is very sensitive during our work together and i truly trust his experience and knowledge.

  5. Ramsey (verified owner)

    Dr. Dan’s voice lesson were straight to the point, while answering any questions I may have had. His knowledge of the voice and the way it interacts with the body is second to to none. By far the most professional vocal instructor I have worked with. Also, his tech set up is the best in the biz. For this reason I have booked 5 lessons at one time. Dr Dan is the real deal!

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