Dr Dan’s “Voice Essentials 3” (Digital Download)


Are you ready to CHALLENGE YOUR VOICE!

Voice Essentials 3 continues your vocal development with fifteen task-specific singing exercises. If you’re looking for a real challenge, then we know you will love the Voice Essentials 3 collection.

These exercises have been designed to workshop range, pitch, breath and style as well as the development of singing harmony.

Unlike many other vocal workouts, Dr Dan’s series of vocal exercises are perfect for the absolute beginner who is wanting to develop their singing technique for the very first time, right through to the touring professional who is looking for a fun and thorough vocal warm-up before gigs. Like thousands before you…We know you’re going to love singing with Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials!

Bundle the Complete Track Collection with the Exercise eManual for a comprehensive learning experience and SAVE $15 or click here for even more SAVINGS.

How to Use the Audio Exercise Tracks

The Audio Exercise Tracks are engineered to be universal; i.e. one track for all voice types. Most of the audio tracks will start lower and ascend into higher notes, and a few of them will descend again. Generally speaking, lower voice types (e.g. Baritones) will commence at the beginning, and higher voice types (e.g. Soprano) will join in later.

Of course, higher voice types (i.e. females) can start at the beginning of the track with the lower voice types (i.e. males) by singing an octave higher than the guide notes.

Track Length
Complete Track Collection VE#3 + Exercise eManual VE#3 BUNDLE 65:00 $34.95
Ex 36 - Sibilant Fricatives with Connected Vowels 2:56 $1.95
Ex 37 - Sus2/Sus4 Triads 7.13 $1.95
Ex 38 - The Chromatic Scale 2:37 $1.95
Ex 39 - Diminished Triads 4:44 $1.95
Ex 40 - Augmented Triads 4:45 $1.95
Ex 41 - The Blues Scale 5:14 $1.95
Ex 42 - Strengthening the Falsetto Register 1:20 $1.95
Ex 43 - Developing Diphthongs with Messa di Voce 4:09 $1.95
Ex 44 - Exploring Vibrato with Puffy Cheeks 1:25 $1.95
Ex 45 - Creaky (Glottal Fry) and Pinched Onsets 1:51 $1.95
Ex 46 - Creaky (Glottal Fry) and Pinched Offsets 1:46 $1.95
Ex 47 - The Melodic Minor Scale 5:58 $1.95
Ex 48 - The Harmonic Minor Scale 5:57 $1.95
Ex 49 - Three-Part Harmony (Major) 2:06 $1.95
Ex 50 - Three-Part Harmony (Minor) 2:15 $1.95

Singing Exercises with Dr Dan ~ “Voice Essentials 1+2+3”

Have you been looking for singing exercises that’ll give your voice a great contemporary workout? Have you tried other products that promised the world, but failed to deliver the benefits you’ve been searching for? Look no further – Dr Dan’s “Voice Essentials” will exercise your voice in a comprehensive and stylistically accurate way.

Like thousands before you…We know you are going to love working with Dr Dan’s singing exercises!

Transfer the singing exercises to your MOBILE DEVICE, and you’ve got a complete VOCAL WARM-UP & WORK-OUT in your pocket! AWESOME!

Dr Dan’s “Voice Essentials” contains singing exercises compiled specifically for the Contemporary Vocalist. If you sing Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Indie or modern Music Theatre then Dr Dan’s singing exercises are for you. Based on the latest understandings of the human voice these technical exercises will help prepare you for the rigours of contemporary singing. Whether you’re singing four sets a night in a pub, on tour with a band, or singing in your church worship team, this collection of singing exercises will assist you with the development of essential techniques including:

  • Overall Vocal Control
  • Range Development
  • Breath Management
  • Vocal Strength & Stamina
  • Twang & Belt
  • Vocal Tone
  • Accurate Pitch & Intonation
  • Registrational Transitions
  • Overall Vocal Control & Agility
  • Onsets and Offsets
  • Harmony
  • …and much more!

We know you are going to love working with the Voice Essential singing exercises!

Dr Dan’s “Voice Essentials” (1+2+3) are jam-packed with over 200 minutes of singing exercises specifically tailored to the development of contemporary voice. The instrumental accompaniment makes the activities fun to do; while also assisting with the development of groove and feel.

  • All of Dr Dan’s exercises are delivered as Digital Downloads. We no longer supply hard copies of the CDs.
  • The Digital Download (Complete Collections Only) also comes with a 12-page digital booklet (the CD sleeve with exercise explanations).
  • Please note that the ‘Digital Download’ (Complete Album) is delivered as a ZIP file (approx 150MB). The ZIP file will only open/extract natively on a PC or Mac (Desktop or Laptop). When purchasing via a mobile device, you will need to open the download link (sent via email) on your Desktop/Laptop or download a ZIP file extraction app from your app store, and then transfer/sync/extract the MP3 files onto your mobile device…easy! The ZIP file will not open natively/directly on most tablets and phones (Android/iOS). Tracks purchased individually are delivered as MP3 files and can be downloaded directly to your mobile device (Android/iOS).
  • The Exercise eManuals are presented as PDF’s. You can download the Adobe PDF Reader for free here.
  • Please note there are no refunds given for digital products once they have been purchased.
  • …and don’t forget to check out Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials Online Course. The ten-module online course is designed to lead you through the Voice Essentials 1 singing exercises step by step.


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