Singing with Confidence

Singing with Confidence

Singing with Confidence

I am guessing singing is a big part of your life. For some it is dance. For other’s it’s art. But for us, it’s singing with confidence. Why? What is it about singing that captivates you?

At this time of year, I have many new students step into my studio. The level of enthusiasm that each new singer brings is wonderful, and I am reminded why I love my job as a singing voice specialist.

New students ask a range of questions: “how often should I practice?”, “what kind of voice do I have?”, and “can everyone learn to sing?” These are all great questions. However, there is one question that I get asked more than any other during the first session: “What can I expect to gain from my lessons?”

Well, hopefully, there are many things that students take home after each session. But I think the number one thing that I achieve with my students, certainly in the first twelve months, is ‘singing with confidence.’

Most new students step into the studio with a lack of confidence. The reasons for this lack are many and varied. Sometimes it is external factors like discouraging feedback from others, and sometimes a lack of confidence is underpinned by an internal thought process that struggles to self-identify as a singer.

Develop Your Vocal Skills

So, what is it about ‘learning to sing’ that injects confidence into the singer. I think, in my studio at least, singing with confidence comes when the student starts to gather a range of skills, both technical and practical, that empower them to trust their voice.

Many singers step onto the stage, open their mouth and hope for the best. They never know what they are going to get one performance to the next. This kind of existence does not instil any confidence whatsoever.

When the singer obtains the technical skills required for consistent, reliable singing, confidence naturally builds. Of course, skill acquisition needs to take place in an encouraging and supportive environment, which I seek to provide, but it is ultimately the ‘adding of tools’ to one’s kit bag that causes the significant gain in confidence.

Are you currently singing with confidence, or are you feeling a little rusty? Finding a trusted singing teacher is the first step to establishing a confident voice. If you do not already have a singing teacher, might I suggest that now is as good a time as any to find one and start your journey towards singing with confidence?

And before you continue with your day, leave a comment below about how you build confidence into your singing. I would love to learn from you and your experience.

Sing well, Dr Dan.

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