Water Level: Amateur | Season 2, Episode 1

Week 1 of “The Voice Australia” is complete and we have already chosen 12 willing contestants…at the expense of some good singers!

Join Dr Dan over the next twelve weeks as he reviews “The Voice Australia” during his weekly video review of the contestants, their voices and their performances.

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~ InVideo LINKS ~
LINK 1: Chris Hoskin sings “Fall at Your Feet” – http://bit.ly/1gahEO3
LINK 2: Cath Adams sings “Work It Out” – http://bit.ly/1gahkyQ
LINK 3: Alana Patmore sings “People Help the People” – http://bit.ly/1gacuSe
LINK 4: Peta Evans-Taylor sings “Sober” – http://bit.ly/1gag2nh

~ FULL Performance LINKS ~
LINK 1: Chris Hoskin sings “Fall at Your Feet” – http://bit.ly/1gac26m
LINK 2: Cath Adams sings “Work It Out” – http://bit.ly/1gacfXa
LINK 3: Alana Patmore sings “People Help the People” – http://bit.ly/1NR3zQO
LINK 4: Peta Evans-Taylor sings “Sober” – http://bit.ly/1gacJfT

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