Performance Analysis


Receive professional analysis for three (3) of your vocal performances from one of Australia’s leading Contemporary Voice Specialists.




Have you ever wanted an honest appraisal of your audio and video recordings. Dr Dan can provide you with the necessary feedback on your performance and your vocal technique. This invaluable feedback will assist you to move forward and develop into the vocal artist you want to be.

Receive professional analysis for one to three (1–3) of your vocal performances from one of Australia’s leading Contemporary Singing Voice Specialists.

Submit & Pay for your analysis (audio and/or video) and Dr Dan will review your submission and provide a one page (per song) written report within 10 working days via email.

PLEASE REMEMBER to provide the recording URL’s when you submit your payment via paypal.

Please note that you can submit only one or two songs for analysis, but the price ($175) remains the same.