Djarts 750ml Drink Bottle


Most of us know that we should be drinking 2-3litres per day…equally, many of us don’t! Carry the Djarts 750ml Drink Bottle with you everywhere – it’s even black – so you can take it on stage without it becoming a visual distraction!

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Why buy a Djarts 750ml Drink Bottle?

The truth is that you simply can’t escape the need for high hydration levels as a singer. Our body is over ¾ water; put simply, without the clear stuff we cease to function. I heard an alarming statistic in the late 90’s that suggested over 85% of Australians exist dehydrated…i.e. most of us are not consuming the 2-3litres of water that our bodies need to function efficiently. If my group of students are anything to go off, I suggest that many of us drink less than half of our daily required intake of the old H2O. So try getting into the habit of carrying a Djarts 750ml Drink Bottle around with you…if it’s close by your more likely to drink the good stuff!

How will it benefit my singing?

There’s a great saying in the world of singing, “Pee clear, sing clear”. Are you drinking enough water? If your wee has any tinge of yellow you’re probably not drinking enough water which means you’re probably dehydrated…which means your voice is not getting enough water to remain well lubricated.

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